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Leptin Sliming Massaging Cream (E)

Leptin Sliming Massaging Cream (E)
Product Detailed

Leptin Sliming Massaging Cream
1.natural sliming formular side effect ,no rebounding
3.sliming fast

Leptin Sliming Massaging Cream

This product is the promotion of lipolysis, the mechanism of regulation of the skin to make it fat-free, non-greasy excess. 


To improve the honeycomb skin is an effective way to limit the accumulation of fat, and promote lipolysis, to improve the congestive form of skin, promoting skin microcirculation around and lymphatic circulation, help the body from excess fat and the removal of dead skin. At the same time, massage cream for the skin smooth and have a good role.


Specification: 85ml



Water, Sunflower, 16 stearic acid ester, hexyl laurate decanol, stearyl alcohol polyether spermaceti -12, mineral oil (oil-based moisturizer) ,16-18 alcohol polyethylene oxide 20, Jojoba wax.


Function: Body Sliming, burning fat, absorb grease, sugar and starch.


Storage:  Store in cool ( room temperature), dry and dark condition.


Suitable Age: 18~60 


Valid Period: 36 months


Usage & Dosage:

To rub the cream on the fat part of your body,such as arm, leg, belly, ass waist. 

Gentle massage for the sliming cream on your body, 15-20minutes later, you can feel hot.

Better effect if wrapping paper binding 1 hour.



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